TechSupport.exe Information

TechSupport.exe program is a timesaving tool for both the users of our products and for us. It's designed to gather all the information we need in order to assist you in solving whatever problems you may run into using our products.

The .TSZ output generated by TechSupport.exe is in a PageTech proprietary, compressed and encrypted format that only we can uncompress. The .TSZ file is to be sent to us via our support form submission interface at:

TSZ file created by TechSupport.exe consist of:

  • A listing of our .\program files\pagetech folder and sub-folders.

  • All the .log, .map, .ini, and .tpt files found in our product root folders.

  • All the .log, .map, .ini, and .tpt files found in our product root folders.

What you are required to input:

1.)  You must input your Company Name in order for the .TSZ filename to be distinguishable from all the other .TSZ files we may be receiving on any given day.

2.)  You must "Add Test Files" that we need in order to re-create the problem you will be describing in our web support form submission and .TSZ file upload dialog. The test files usually include:

    • Input PCL and any macros, fonts or other resources to print the file properly.
    • Output PDF, TIFF, text or custom index files.
    • Custom .FF1 or .TTF fonts used.
    • Add-on overlay, macro or any other resources need to produce the desired output.
    • Your PCLXForm .TPT script program file (SDK Users Only).

Remember: The easier it is for us to re-create your problem, the faster we can arrive at a solution.

DOWNLOAD: and unzip into our \pagetech\”product” folder and install.