Technical Support Information

If you are experiencing problems using our software, License Date Exceeded or converting PCL, please fill out our Commercial Product Technical Support Form.

Commercial Tech Support: Tech Support Form

To expedite your request remember to always run TechSupport.exe and send a small ZIP file including a complete description of your application, workflow, text extraction, indexing and application requirements.

If you have any problems submitting your support request, please send an email including your zipped PCL file and supporting documents to

Freeware Products Support ONLY (PCLReader, etc.): If you are experiencing problems using any of our Freeware products, please fill out the following Freeware Technical Support Form.

Freeware Tech Support: Tech Support Form

PCL Product Documentation & Information

PCL Products / Description Help
Standard License Agreement
License Agreement For All Products
PCL Troubleshooting Guide
Guidelines on PCL Compatibility Issues
Introduction to PageTech Tools
Index For All Web Help Documents
Tools Intro
PCLTool SDK / PCLWorks Programs
GUI-Only Program Guides
GUI User Guide
Printer Command Language Glossary of Terms
PCL Glossary of Terms and Definitions
PCL Glossary

PCLTool SDK / PCLWorks Release Notes PDF
PCLTool / PCLWorks Release Note PTRelnot

Utilities Description Help
PCLCodes.exe Windows converts HP PCL into readable ASCII for troubleshooting and learning HP PCL escape codes. Included in PCLWorks Pgm. and PCLTool SDK. Web Service for professional PCL Developers to convert their PCL into readable text for analysis and debugging.
PCLSplit.exe Splits PCL files into individual pages or smaller subsets through various methods of locating pages, extracting and normalizing the output. Included in PCLWorks Pgm. and PCLTool SDK.
Filter.exe Search and Replace Utility that can also optimize files that repeatedly download the same fonts, or scramble text for third party analysis to eliminate non-disclosure agreements.

FAQ / General PCL Information
Print Driver Info: PCLMagic Printer Driver
PCL Forum: PCL & PXL Support Blog