Split, Count & Extract Pages in Your PCL Printstreams

PageTech is the leading software development company that provides custom, fast and extensible solutions for applications requireing the manipulation, optimization, transformation or re-purposing of PCL print streams.

PageTech's PCLSplit.exe Utility

PCLSplit.exe is a multi-function, multi-purpose collection of functions to split, extract, normalize or count PCL print file pages. PCLSplit.exe (along with it's source code) is included in every configuration of PCLTool SDK. And, it also comes with the PCLWorks.

PCLSplit Utility is actually a sample program to show some of PageTech's transformation, text search, PCL page extraction/normalization and page counting capabilities.

PCLSplit.exe Function:

  • Extracts and normalizes pages from a large input PCL file into smaller PCL files based on the page ranges specified.
  • Splits PCL files by a change in a Keyword (ie. Invoice #) specified in a runtime-provided Index-By-Location (.IBL) file.
  • Counts the number of pages in a PCL file, then can split the file by the page count specified.
  • Splints PCL files into single pages and serializes the output PCL filenames.
  • Displays the total number of pages had hits for the keyword specified.

In cases where PCLSplit does not meet your specific requirements or where PCL compatibilities need to be worked through, we have the following options:

  • Customize PCLSplit - you can do this with PCLTool SDK - Option I or we can based on your specifications and a RFQ.
  • Custom PCLXForm(link) .TPT script program - you can do with PCLTool SDK - Option V or we can based on your specifications and a RFQ.

Important note to remember - Other vendors sell must less capable PCL file splitting technologies starting at $5,000. PageTech's PCLSplit.exe is available from $79 to $995 and our speciality is customization to meet your specific requirements.

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