PCLTool SDK is an industry exclusive dynamic link library (DLL) that converts HP PCL text and vector files into bitmap formats (in-memory TIFF Gp4, in-memory DIB, PCX, DCX, BMP, XPS, JPG, PDF and TIF) or into vector formats (in-memory GDI, PMF, PDF, WMF and EMF) with metrically matching TrueType fonts for those used to create the HP PCL® print file.

PCLTool comes with a sample application program that exercises all the functions of our Transform .DLL's & Imaging .DLL's. The Transform .DLL does the conversion from the source PCL file directly to the screen or into an image file format. It creates placeable and device-independent files. The Imaging .DLL's can either preview the converted file on the screen or print it to the current Windows printer driver.

Both of the DLLs that come with PCLTool are designed to fit into existing applications quickly and seamlessly. Converting a HP PCL print file directly into WMF/EMF format saves time and money compared to printing, scanning and OCR reading each page of text. The powerful new search feature can find a specific invoice in a 70,000-page print file and extract it for viewing and/or printing.

PCLTool provides a full text search of multi-page PCL print files. With up to three text strings, it can generate a hit list of all the pages found, with accuracy percentages, across multiple print files in a directory. The user can select which PCL pages on the hit list to extract, view and/or print.

PCLTool SDK v16.0 PCLTool SDK v16 Now Available!

PCLTool SDK v16 includes many new features and functions including a new text extraction method that can unscramble Chinese and other double-byte print streams back into legible Unicode or UTF-8 text.

In addition we ported our PCLTool SDK to Red Hat Linux. HP chose the Linux version our SDK because we have the only product that can convert the complex PCL5e generated by the State of California’s CalWin system for its multi-lingual citizenry. PCLTool SDK is capable of supporting all the characters included in the Unicode specification for Chinese, Japanese, Korean, Cambodian, Thai, Farsi and others.

Live Evaluation: Try PCLTool SDK v16.0!

PCLTool SDK / PCL Works Release Note: PTRelnot PDF Link

PCL software applications are not normally an out-of-the box solution, so we encourage everyone to give us a call at (+1) 858 794-6884 and tell us your application workflow. We will get you into the correct solution, saving you time and money!

What our Clients are Saying...

"PageTech has been our PCL transformation tools vendor since 2001. Their tools have been among the most reliable of any software tools we have used. Reliability is critical, and we depend on PageTech products to speedily transform more than 150k files daily into TIF and PDF with a 100 percent accuracy rate. It is a big win for Quicken Loans to have one vendor who can provide us speed with accurate transformations for all of our various needs, and whose product is one we can place into production and count on to run without an issue.."

Tom Scavarda, Sr. Software Engineer  Quicken Loans - America's Home Loan Experts

Key Benefits

  • Turns laser printer output files into a portable documents without the need for proprietary drivers, authoring kits, viewers, etc.
  • Smallest PDF file size, with searchable text using our exclusive JBIG2 raster compression option. We can convert download bitmap fonts into scalable TrueTypes for embedding into PDFs when converting to vector PDFs.
  • Indispensable in the development of Windows electronic form applications that use HP PCL form overlays or as a tool for developers of HP PCL4/5/5e/5c+HPGL/2+PCL XL (PCL6) applications on any platform.
  • Turns documents printed to your laser printer viewable in their native, printer-ready format.
  • A valuable trouble-shooting tool for technical support personnel responsible for solving HP PCL4/5/5e/5c+HPGL/2+PCL XL (PCL6) printer problems.


  • DLLs with Sample Program: All high/low level function calls are exercised in the sample program.
  • WINFMOVE: Converts the TrueType typefaces that come with Windows.
  • Speed: PTC(*).DLL was designed to rasterize fonts “on-the-fly” and does it in a heartbeat!
  • PTC32 Log File: If PTC(*).DLL encounters any warnings or error conditions, or PCL that requires it to make a decision, a log file is automatically generated.
  • Font Substitution Map: A font map can be used to substitute metrically correct scalable fonts for bitmaps.

*.DLL Versions: PTC32.DLL, PTCNet.DLL, PTC64.DLL & PTCNet64.DLL

Core PCLTool SDK Programs

  • PCLXForm.exe is a script-driven, full batch transformation program that performs the functions of the other batch programs: PCLCVT and PCL2PDF.
  • PCLView.exe is a "Reader" program with end user GUI to Index, Retrieve, Extract, Normalize, View and Print native PCL files.
  • PCLPrint.exe is a command line-driven utility that converts PCL into an internal memory raster DIB or vector GDI image, then prints to any Windows printer driver. This tool is used to print PCL to Windows GDI Only, PostScript or other non-PCL printers.
  • Img2PCL.exe is a graphical program used to create PCL Print streams for printing TIFF or JPEG images. And, it can also be used to create PCL overlays or macros for creating forms, logos, and signatures.
  • Img2PDF.exe is a graphica program used to create PDF files from TIFF or JPEG images.
  • Img2XPS.exe is a graphical program used to create XPS files from TIFF or JPEG images.
  • FILTER.exe is a utility program that searches and replaces within a PCL print stream to make pre-conversion modifications or corrections to the file.
  • TNXDUMP.exe is a utility program that re-formats the text extracted from a PCL file into various ASCII formats for data migration applications.

  • The SDK includes source code for the following programs:

  • PCLCVT.exe is a batch indexing and conversion program with MS VC\C++ source code.
  • PCLPTR.exe is a batch printing program with MS VC\C++ source code.
  • PCL/PDF.exe is a sample convert-to-PDF program with a Windows console/command line interface.
  • PCLPDF_NET.exe is a sample C# .NET PCL to PDF console program with source code that calls PTCNET.dll/PDFWrite.dll.
  • IMGCVT.exe is a sample C\C++ TIFF/JPEG to PDF/PCL/XPS console program with source code that calls IMGCVT_NET.dll/PDFWrite.dll.
  • IMGCVTNET.exeis a sample VB .NET TIFF/JPEG to PDF/PCL/XPS console program with source code that calls IMGCVT_NET.dll/PDFWrite.dll.
  • VBDEMO2.exe is a sample convert-to-TIFF program with end user GUI with MS Visual Basic source code.
  • VBDEMO.exe is a sample program with GUI for several SDK functions with MS Visual Basic source code.
  • PCLSplit.exe is a utility program that splits PCL print streams into smaller files by pagecount or by keyword or into single page files.

PCLTool SDK Applications

  • Preview PCL and Print to Non-PCL Printers - Integrate into your Windows applications that use PCL form overlays for previewing and printing to non-PCL printers like: HP DeskJets®, Canon BubbleJets®, GDI, PostScript®, Acrobat® PDF file format and other printers. You can also integrate with your DOS programs that print to PCL printers running out of a Windows DOS shell.
  • WEB Server Storage Format - Store high volume printer output "as is" on a web server for clients to browse and/or download. (The IRS tax forms in PCL format are not representative of the generally smaller file sizes of HP PCL documents)
  • Portable Document Format - E-mail printer output as attachments to view with Browser/Reader prior to printing to any Windows® printer driver or directly to a HP PCL printer.
  • Convert PCL to PDF format (PCL2PDF) - PCLTool promotes the use of HP PCL as a portable, viewable document format, based on its size, speed and bandwidth advantages over PDF format. However, PCLTool will also convert PCL into PDF files. For PCL2PDF conversion, the default is our native PDF driver (PDFWRITE.DLL) or you can select the Windows printer driver that comes with Acrobat Exchange.

  • SPECIAL NOTE: When PDF Image Only files have to be made due to the composition and nature of the PCL, the text can be extracted during the conversion and overlaid on to the PDF image to add-back text searchability with the Acrobat Reader "find" dialog or with the catalog/search feature.

  • Printer Output to Archive/Retrieve - Direct archiving of printed output to CDROM with an index, page-level retriever and viewer.
  • FAX Server Front-End Processor - Convert printer output into faxable image formats to achieve the rated throughput of your server.
  • Scanner Elimination or Avoidance - Convert printer output into TIFF format with an index to bypass having to scan, edit, OCR, et al.
  • Form Scraping - Extract the ASCII text out of a print datastream to migrate that data into another application or for COLD storage.
  • Print Server Accounting - Integrate into a print server to count the number of PCL pages printed by various users.
  • Form Overlay Migration Utility - Convert PCL Form Overlays into Windows Metafile Format (WMF), vector to vector to use for quick previewing in Windows applications. Or, use it to extract for COLD overlays. Once in WMF format, you can also convert into JAVA classes.
  • Authoring Tool - Convert a sample of your application's printed output into small, fast, device-independent vector WMF files for incorporation into Help files, presentations, etc.

Product Documentation

PCLTool SDK Web Help

OS System Requirements

Compatibility - WinNT, Win2000, Win2003, WinXP, WinXP 64-bit, WinVista, WinVista 64-bit, Win7 and Win7 64-bit.


US $425 - $3,995 depending on PCLTool SDK options selected. Subject to reasonable restrictions and conditions. Custom licensing and modifications are available. If you purchased any version of PCLWorks for US $61 or $71, a $50 credit can go towards the purchase of PCLTool SDK.

Please call us if you have any questions regarding the integration of the PCLTool SDK into any of your PCL applications.

Phone: (+1) 858 794-6884