License Agreements for OEMs / Systems Integrators

OEM partners, Systems Integrators, VARs and ASPs embed PCLTool SDK into their proprietary software or service and re-brand it as their own technology providing all marketing, sales and support. Over half of our sales are through license agreements customized to every conceivable distribution and pricing model.

We have a standard OEM license for System Integrators who sell products like document archiving, mail optimization and other applications that frequently need our PCL transformation tools. For a small upfront commitment, our licensees receive 30-35% discount, off all of our products.

As a reseller you will encounter PCL from a wide variety of sources. You'll appreciate being able to fully utilize our expertise in PCL and our technology during the pre-sales process. We offer free pre-sales analysis in order to help you win the business. After all, you probably found us because no other product or vendor could handle the PCL that was keeping you from closing a sale for your product. So it makes sense for us to put our heads together to help you solve PCL transformation problems to your client's satisfaction - a win-win for all.

Please take a look at our OEM list and our System Integrator list to see that we have created custom licenses for all company sizes and for all kinds of applications.

To become an OEM partner or to discuss custom pricing, emailINFO AT PAGETECH.COMor phone (+1) 858-794-6884.