PageTech's Path to TransPromo

Why Transform Legacy Documents in PCL Print Streams into TransPromo Documents?

TransProm Enhancement
Update statement layout
Increase document readability and clarity
Colorize document
Increased Response
Logo and other graphics
Brand Identification
Promotional messages
Marketing Message Impressions
Address correction
Mailstream Optimization and Cost Savings
Intelligent Barcodes
USPS Discounts/Better Feedback
OMR marks or Barcodes
Optimize for ADF environment

Why Do The Leading Mailing, Printing & Imaging Service Bureaus Choose PageTech for PCL to TransPromo Applications?

Here are five reasons you should too…

Banks are lining-up to have their mainframe-generated statements with cancelled check images transformed into TransPromo statements. PCLTool SDK – Option V, using PCLXForm and a custom script can breakdown print streams into text files for all the statement text and individual TIFF files for each cancelled check. Each check image along with its check number/date/amount are extracted from even the most complex PCL.

While this is not a long term solution, it solves the immediate need of upgrading your client to TransPromo documents without requiring the client to change anything in their current production workflow. And, it provides the mail shop with the required resources to re-engineer the print stream with any third party output management tool set.

1. PCL Transformation Power

  • No product at any price can transform complex and problematic PCL as well as PCLTool SDK!

PCLTool SDK’s PCL Print Stream Re-Engineering Capabilities:

  • Re-engineer for a portable electronic and/or web-ready document delivery.
  • Print stream optimization to increase printing or condition file for 3rd party products.
  • Extract address data to replace with data that has been mail optimized.
  • Splitting Print Streams by document type, number of pages/inserts, zip code, etc.
  • Insert fixed or variable marketing or client messages into print stream.
  • Add overlays, logos, color, signatures or other enhancements.
  • Sorting Print Stream by statement number, number of pages, zip code, etc.
  • Commingle many smaller print streams intelligently into one more efficient file.
  • Generate the smallest JBIG2 compressed PDF or PDF/A files with indexes.
  • Apply post-composition edits to documents on-the-fly.
  • Replace PostNet barcodes with Intelligent Barcodes.
  • Add or Replace OMR mark or Barcodes to optimize print streams for ADF equipment.
  • Extract data for control files, indexing or to interface with 3rd party software.
  • Insert hot links or URL’s to electronically-delivered documents.

Support for all PCL levels: HP PCL3, PCL3+, PCL3C+, PCL3GUI, PCL4, PCL5, PCL5e, PCL5c, PCL XL (PCL6), and PCL XL JetReady applications. Including HPGL/2 and PJL

2. Expertise / Experience

Since 1993 Page Technology Marketing, Inc. (PageTech) has exclusively specialized in HP PCL® print stream transformation to provide the best products and consulting services in the market today.

  • We don’t concentrate on AFP or other print languages and just handle “easy” PCL
  • We provide the fastest custom development services and direct access to PCL experts.
  • We provide free pre-sales analysis of your PCL and application requirements.
  • We don’t compete with our solution partners by also offering output management tools.
  • We don’t compete with our solution partners by also offering document archiving tools.

3. Adaptability

We pride ourselves in providing solutions that no other vendor in our market can deliver.

Since PCL is an interpreted print language that can be generated by custom printer drivers using custom fonts and symbol sets, it’s quite common to find PCL that no vendor can transform with its off-the-shelf products. However, PageTech can quickly adapt its products to complex or problematic PCL print streams.

We only sell direct, so we have no resellers, entry-level or mid-level personnel or anyone else to stand in the way of you discussing your unique PCL or application requirements directly with a top level industry and PCL expert.

4. Price

We have the lowest price point of any commercial quality PCL Transformation product.

And, it’s the most powerful, versatile and extensible technology available in the world. Our unlimited version costs $3,695 and we usually need to provide 6-12 hours of custom script programming to get your first print stream transformed to your custom specifications. We charge $150 per hour for the best PCL engineers in the business.

  • You can find products that cost a little less. And, if you are lucky and your first client has relatively simple PCL and simple needs – you will have what will probably be just a one-time solution.
  • There are competing products that start at $20k to $125k that can’t handle complex PCL. And, they also lead you to believe that you don’t have to be an expert in PCL (and, their tools) in order to easily create a transformation solution. The truth is that you either have to be an expert in PCL and our vendor’s set of tools to create a transformation solution for PCL that is even moderately complex. Or, you need to purchase a PCL transformation solution from a PCL expert who you can count on backing you up for each new project – like PageTech.
  • PageTech is confident that we will win your business, if you allow us to analyze your PCL and provide a recommendation and quote. This service is free and is usually provided within 4-8 hrs., depending on your custom application, workflow, application and other requirements.

5. Reputation

We’ve provided PCL transformation solutions to thousands of OEM’s, systems integrators, service bureaus, application software providers and major institutions for over 15 yrs. Please take at look at our “Solution” page for a partial list of our partners and clients.

  • We don’t pay for our reputation by flooding the trade publications with press releases, advertisements, white papers, etc. We rely only on our technology and expertise to earn your business one project at a time.
  • Most of our high volume service bureau clients don’t list us as a partner because they would rather keep us a secret. They don’t want their competitors to know how they are able win all the deals that require the transformation of complex PCL.
  • Once PageTech proves itself with quick turnaround time of bullet-proof solutions, we normally become the de facto PCL Transformation department for our service bureau clients.

What our Clients are Saying...

"PageTech has been our PCL transformation tools vendor since 2001. Their tools have been among the most reliable of any software tools we have used. Reliability is critical, and we depend on PageTech products to speedily transform more than 150k files daily into TIF and PDF with a 100 percent accuracy rate. It is a big win for Quicken Loans to have one vendor who can provide us speed with accurate transformations for all of our various needs, and whose product is one we can place into production and count on to run without an issue.."

Tom Scavarda, Sr. Software Engineer  Quicken Loans - America's Home Loan Experts