PCL to PDF Software Development

Since 1993 Page Technology Marketing, Inc. (PageTech) has specialized in PCL to PDF print stream conversion and other related PCL and imaging technologies. Our core technologies are incorporated into PCL Tool SDK which can parse, index, split, streamedit, view and convert PCL into PDF and other various raster and vector formats.

PCL to PDF transformation technology is available in three PCLTool SDK configurations. The option you choose depends on your application requirements and the composition of your PCL.

PCLTool SDK - Option III

Use PCLXForm with a standard script and command line overrides to convert PCL to PDF, PDF/A, XPS and ASCII text. Option III includes our PCLMagic printer driver, port monitor and folder-watching HotDir programs.

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PCLTool SDK - Option V

Use PCLXForm to convert complex PCL (and, PCLm/PCLmS and PWG cloud printing formats) into all supported file formats plus ASCII text. This is our most powerful SDK option. PCLXForm is a Windows console program with a powerful script programing language, command line overrides and runtime include command files. Option V includes our PCLMagic printer driver, port monitor and folder-watching HotDir programs, which provide powerful functions for:

Intelligent Mail barcoding
2D Datamatrix barcoding
QR Codes
Digital Postal Mail
Hybrid Postal Mail (Click2Mail, custom, etc.)
Cloud File Sharing (Dropbox, GoogleDrive, etc.)

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PCLTool SDK - Option I

Our Dynamic link library (.DLL) converts PCL to all supported formats to write/integrate your own custom applications. Option I includes our PCLMagic printer driver, port monitor and folder-watching HotDir programs. Option I is recommended for application requirements that cannot be met with either Option III or V.

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What our Clients are Saying...

"PageTech has been our PCL transformation tools vendor since 2001. Their tools have been among the most reliable of any software tools we have used. Reliability is critical, and we depend on PageTech products to speedily transform more than 150k files daily into TIF and PDF with a 100 percent accuracy rate. It is a big win for Quicken Loans to have one vendor who can provide us speed with accurate transformations for all of our various needs, and whose product is one we can place into production and count on to run without an issue.."

Tom Scavarda, Sr. Software Engineer  Quicken Loans - America's Home Loan Experts

PageTech PCL2PDF Exclusives:

1.) In 1993 PageTech, was the first to introduce PCL2PDF for DOS and Windows platforms.

2.) PageTech focuses 100% of its ongoing development efforts on PCL transformation solutions. Most other vendors with PCL2PDF products are more focused on AFP, Metacode or PostScript transforms. They are not fully committed to their PCL product line.

3.) PageTech is the author and original licensor of it's various PCL transformation technologies to OEM's and private label resellers. Several vendors selling PCL to PDF products are actually private labelling someone else's technology and cannot adapt or enhance their solution to meet custom application requirements.

4.) PageTech is the only vendor that can convert download HP bitmap fonts into embedded scalable TrueType typefaces when converting to vector/text/raster PDF's. This means we do not have to convert to a raster PDF just because the PCL contains custom download bitmap fonts that cannot be matched to available Windows True Type or Acrobat Multiple Master fonts in the Reader. Thus, we can create a small, fast and text searchable PDF - where others have to convert to a large, slow PDF.

5.) When we do have to convert to a raster PDF. We can make it text searchable by underlaying the text under the raster image of each page. And, PCL2PDF is the ONLY PRODUCT that can take advantage of the benefits of converting to JBIG2 compressed raster PDF's. JBIG2 is 30% the size of TIFF Group IV raster.

6.) Our industry-exclusive PCLMagic TTY Text driver is included with all SDK Options.

Contact PageTech

For more information on our products, services, flexible licensing and value pricing, contact us by one of the following methods:

E-mail: info@pagetech.com
Phone: (+1) 858 794-6884
Customer Support Form: PageTech's PCL Support Form