Intelligent Mail® Barcode

Intelligent Mail barcode

USPS retired the POSTNET barcode on January 28, 2013 and will require full-service Intelligent Mail by January 2014. But don't panic! We've had you covered for over a year now with PCLXForm’s Esc_Fmt_Barcode and other script programming “streamedit” functions.

What’s more, we can update your legacy PCL print streams without you/your client having to change anything in the application that generates the soon-to-be outdated print streams.

With a custom PCLXForm script the first pass can extract the old address block text, pass it to you to do the address correction, CASS certification and generate the Intelligent Mail Barcode (IMB) text string.

You can use your own mail optimization tools to process the address data. Then, the custom script for the second pass retrieves your corrected address block and IMB text string and overlays it over the old address and PostNet barcode. We can even edit or add your OMR or 3of9 marking rules for your insertion and/or folding equipment. Further, we can add a DataMatrix 2D barcode for post-process auditing.

We can insert logos/boilerplate/pages and pre-sort the print stream. V13.0 will provide the option add a QR code and/or to send statements to digital postal mail services like Volly, ZumBox, etc. Every statement you send to a digital postal mail service will lower your printing and mailing costs by 75%.

Like I said, we've got you covered. If you only use our product to help you save money until you migrate away from a legacy application, we can be saving you money on every statement run.

PageTech can also completely deconstruct your legacy PCL print streams into text and cancelled check image resources or vector PDF files for third-party, output management tools to re-engineer into TransPromo statements with color, IMB, etc.

PCLXForm Sample Script (PostNet2IMB.tpt) – Finds the existing PostNet barcode and replaces it with the IMB by reading the PostNet barcode and generating the PCL for the corresponding IM barcode.

This sample script was created to read/replace the PostNet barcode with an IM barcode in the input PCL file (.\data\testimb.pcl). This script uses PCLXForm’s streamedit functions to insert the PCL escape codes required to image the IM barcode when the output PCL is sent to a printer and/or later converted to PDF or some other format. Look in our .\out folder for the PCL file with the inserted IM barcode.

PCLTool SDK LIVE Evaluation

The PCLTool SDK LIVE Evaluation is the entire PCLTool SDK product with all five options, full documentation, full functionality (with some minor exceptions), sample scripts and sample C, VB and VB .NET source code.

PCL software applications are not normally an out-of-the box solution, so we encourage everyone to give us a call at (+1) 858 794-6884 and tell us your application workflow.

Download EVAL: