Wire Transfer Fee Policy

PageTech will absorb the portion of the wire transfer fee charged by its bank only. You must pay for all fees (from the originating bank and any intermediate banks) applied to the wire transfer before it arrives at our bank. The entire purchase price must arrive at our bank.

Beware of Hidden Wire Transfer Fees

International wire transfers typically involve a minimum of three banking institutions -- the originating bank, an intermediary bank, and a receiving bank. One fee is paid by you, our customer, to the orginating bank, and a fee is paid by us (PageTech, the vendor) to the receiving bank. These fees are unavoidable.

Typically, an intermediary bank in the destination country will deduct a third fee from the transfer amount that the customer requested, and the vendor (PageTech) does not receive the full amount that you requested. This fee is avoidable if the originating bank selects an intermediary bank with which they have a "no fee" agreement.

When you arrange a wire transfer transaction with your bank, you must ask ahead of time if they have a "no fee" agreement with the intermediary bank in the receiving bank's country. If not, you need to make arrangements with another bank who can (or will) use a "no fee" intermediary bank.

If your bank cannot or will not use a "no fee" intermediary bank, and you cannot or will not make arrangements through an alternate bank, you must tell us BEFORE you arrange the wire transfer. We will add US$25 to the invoiced purchase price to cover the intermediary bank's fee. Under no circumstances will PageTech absorb the intermediary bank's fee from the invoiced purchase price.