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    PCLTool SDK for Linux

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  • Overlay Intelligent Mail barcodes over obsolete POSTNET barcodes

    Intelligent Mail

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  • Insert QR Codes into legacy PCL print streams

    QR Codes

    Insert QR Codes into legacy PCL print streams

PCL Conversion Software & Development

Since 1993, Page Technology Marketing, Inc. (PageTech) has specialized exclusively in HP® PCL® print-stream transformation, Intellifont® and TrueType™ Typeface font utilities and other related PCL technologies.

Because so many OEMs have used PageTech's technology in their PCL conversion and Universal Printer Driver solutions, there are 120,000 + organizations and over 50 million people using our technology worldwide.

PCL Product Benefits

Developers use our core technologies to leverage existing software and resources to develop custom applications that meet and exceed their project requirements yet stay within budget.

New!Raster Object Extraction - We can extract each cancelled check images, along with the statement text from ITI Premier® Director, AFS Image Vision or other mainframe applications for migration as input to any third party output management or mail optimization tool set.

With the PCL print stream text and raster resources you can update the presentation of your statement with logos, color or just a better looking layout. And, you can achieve an immediate ROI from the mail discounts, ability to print to any printer and by routing through your folding or inserter equipment.

New!PCL File Pre-Process Optimization - We can optimize large PCL print files by eliminating all the fonts that are downloaded over and over again throughout the print stream. We can even eliminate the download bitmap or scalable characters downloaded in temporary fonts from Windows printer drivers.

The process is fast. We can intercept the PCL on-the-fly and optimize it before it prints or it’s transformed by any product. Not only is the file size reduced, but more importantly – the optimized file prints or transforms much faster.

Text Extraction - We, alone, can extract text from themost complex PCL files. We normally need to be consulted to select the best text extraction method depending on the nature of the PCL.

Rapid Custom Application Development - With just 3-4 hrs. of programming, the SDK's PCLXForm (Console Program with powerful script programing language) can decollate, add logos, auto-index and convert your high volume print streams for archiving into any third-party document imaging system.

Fast Technical Support - We rarely take more than 24 hrs. to analyze and solve PCL application issues.

Smallest PDF File Size - We create the smallest, text-searchable PDFs with our exclusive JBIG2 to raster compression option. We can convert download bitmap fonts into scalable TrueType fonts for embedding into PDFs when converting to vector PDFs.

Link: Why PDF/A

Learn More

To learn more about our products, services, flexible licensing and value pricing please explore our site or contact us directly by one of the following methods:

Phone: (+1) 858 794-6884
E-mail: info@pagetech.com
Support Form: PCL Technical Support Form